Past Event


One-Day, In-Person, AML and State Licensing

Compliance Course for Money Transmitters

Tuesday, August 12, 2014                        Click Here to Register

42 West 44th Street New York, NY 10036

Knowledge and Skills Needed
to Manage Money Transmitter Compliance

Quick History and Overview of AML
How to Research Federal and World AML Laws
Defining MT Activities, MSB Activities
Basic AML Training *
Advanced BSA / AML in Detail
The Four Pillars
Dealing With Government / What a Prosecutor Looks for
The BSA/AML Examination
Evaluating the Risk of a Financial Institution
Your Own Risk Assessment / Your Risk Exposures
Model Customer Profile and KYC Procedures
Transaction Analysis - Transaction Monitoring
Suspicious Transaction Reporting
Other BSA Reports
State Licensure:
The Summary
Doing State Research
The Issues/Purposes of Licensure
Maintaining Your License
Other Relevant Laws: OFAC, Abandoned Property, CFPB, I-9 Compliance
Specific CO Competencies You Should Have

You Will Receive the Following Original Study Materials:

A Guided Tour of the NMTA Website Resources
Model Risk Assessment
Model KYC, Risk Management
State License Application Planning Guide
Model Profile of Customer Base
Intake Form
Dealing With Government White Paper
Basic AML Training
Competency Test Curriculum and and Checklist

* We will quickly review the NMTA Basic AML Course, in outline format, as it is taught to beginners.