Member Benefits

What is the Return on Your Investment?

You will enjoy the following Benefits of Membership, which have been developed to support and complement the NMTA's advocacy efforts.

  • Industry News / Professional Information
  • Advisory Services
  • Referral and Networking Assistance
  • Discussion Groups/ Compliance Training
  • Advocating for the Interests of the Industry

NMTA Information Services

  •     NMTA Members-Only Website Resource Pages
    • Many lawyers tell me they do all their research on the NMTA website. Access is now by password, for members only.
  •     On-Demand Research Service
    • If you cannot find something, or there is a broken link, give us a call and we will find it or fix it.
  •     NMTA Member Daily News Clippings
    • Every edition of the DNC is read by almost 500 people, every day. The DNC advances the industry's interests, defends its image and enhances its readers' knowledge. As such, the DNC cannot be exclusive to members; it must go out to members and non-members alike, to further the NMTA's mission. Non-members who wish to do their part to support the production of the DNC can take voluntary subscriptions at $145 or $45.
  •     Regulatory Updates
  •     Forms and AML Templates
  •     NMTA Webinars and Compliance Training at All Levels

NMTA Industry Advocacy

The NMTA's motto is, "Good Compliance, Good Government, Good Business, Good Works." Working with regulators, law enforcement, elected officials on both the state and federal levels, the NMTA strives to ensure that all money transmitters operating legally in the US, get a fair shake. Since 1999, the NMTA has advocated for the interests of the money transmitter industry with a particular focus on the Denial of Banking Services problem. Your membership dollars will help to support the missions of the NMTA: to raise industry standards, to defend the image of the industry and to protect the long-term interests of the industry, consistent with society's overall good.

Inclusion in the NMTA Website Rotating Banner Ad (For Correspondent, International, Associate and Full members)

The NMTA website averages well over 250 visitors per day. Google searches consistently return our website in the top 3 results for search terms money transmitter and money transmitters.

David's Advisory Services  (For Correspondent, International, Supporting, Standard, Associate and Full members)

Members may call David for advice whenever they need to. With over 30 years’ experience in the money transfer industry, he can answer your questions and suggest a range of possible strategies to arrive at successful solutions. When further assistance is needed, David may be available for more in-depth consulting (for members only), but more likely he will refer you to another compliance professional or lawyer, whose special skills and experience make them appropriate for your needs.

Professional Referrals (For all membership types and levels)

The NMTA networks (and sometimes partners) with the industry’s finest compliance and consulting professionals in the delivery of outstanding AML compliance and business consulting services. If you are a lawyer, surety broker, CPA, compliance consultant or any type of vendor or service provider, an NMTA Correspondent Membership means your contact information will be given to potential customers when referral requests are received. Professional Referrals are also available for members in search of professional service providers in the following areas:
  •  Questions about the US environment
  •  Starting-up or expanding US operations
  •  State license application preparation
  •  Assistance preparing written material
  •  AML compliance audits
  •  Pre-audit preparations
  •  Post-audit remediation
  •  Transaction monitoring
  •  Outside monitoring
  •  Enhanced Due Diligence Support (Customer or Correspondent)
Correspondent Relationship Formation

Transmitters and payers need to meet each other, so these introductions are one of the main reasons people join the NMTA: to meet those people and companies they need to partner with to open new corridors and grow their business. NMTA due diligence support provides transparency and assurance for all parties concerned.

Bank Introductions

The NMTA assists qualifying members to secure bank accounts or viable alternatives. No one can guarantee a favorable bank decision, but good compliance must be the foundation of any sustainable banking relationship. NMTA Advisory Services can help prepare you to successfully approach banks.

Summary: NMTA Membership "Return on Investment"

Networking and Communicating With Industry Leaders / Professional Referrals
Advertising on the NMTA Website
Compliance Help Desk / Incident Support
Advisory Services
Web (Research) Resources
Daily News Clippings / Industry Info
On-demand Research Service / Regulatory Updates
Forms and AML Literature
Compliance Training (Free or Discounted)