Calibrate and Prove Your BSA/AML Knowledge

These questions were originally developed for the One-On-One NMTA Training, but it occurred to me, if one knows the answers already, why sit through the training? The test contains the practical questions I think every compliance professional should know the answers to. If you would like to sit for the test, become an Individual NMTA Member, with annual dues of $295. [NMTA Corporate Members may sit for the test at no additional charge.] You will receive all the answers, in writing, to study in advance. I will give you one hour of one-on-one test preparation over Skype, at no extra charge. The test will be given orally, over Skype, CLOSED BOOK. I will ask you to look up certain reference documents on the web, under observation (SEE BELOW). If you pass, you will receive an Achievement Certificate. For additional, customized training, please check out the One-On-One NMTA Training, and call me with any questions you may have at (917) 921-9529. You will receive a numbered certificate of achievement, and the right to say you are an NMTA Certification Course Diplomate (NMTA-CCD). It means you know your stuff, and you proved it.