One-On-One NMTA Training: 

   Knowledge and Skills Needed to Manage Money Transmitter Compliance

"Right now, there is nothing quite like it on the compliance training market."

A customized course, delivered one-on-one in private lessons, live, face-to-face via Webcam; 10 hours of instruction, 1 hour per session, 2 sessions per week, spread over 5 weeks. There will be a Completion Certificate, and a Proficiency Certificate if the Learner passes an (optional) final exam.

Why 10 hours of instruction? 

Because the sheer amount of material that needs to be covered cannot be done in just a few hours, nor should it be squeezed into one day. Spreading the material out over 5 weeks, with two 1-hour sessions each week, does not strain one's attention span, and allows for (optional) homework time. The one-hour sessions are planned at flexible, mutually convenient times, to accommodate your calendar. Since 'one-on-one' makes flexible scheduling possible, and face-to-face (via Webex) is the best way to learn, this way seems to strike the right balance, all around.

I am offering the One-On-One AML Compliance Course because I thought it was important to tailor the content and delivery to the individual student's needs. This would not be possible in a standardized, group setting. Working together, we can design the course for your needs. For the novice, there is no better way to get up to speed quickly. Even seasoned compliance professionals may find themselves in a new role, in a new specialization, or a new industry.

You will receive fresh ideas for your risk assessment, compliance training and manuals. You will be able to workshop your documents as homework, or right there, during the sessions. The Course comes with a video file for each session, for your future reference. Three months of follow-up telephone support are included. Working on state money transmitter license applications? These sessions can greatly assist in preparing the application materials, and you will find the work goes very quickly. (An NDA is part of the Agreement.)


Contact David Landsman at (917) 921-9529, or by email at [email protected], for more information.
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Money Transmitter Compliance for the US Environment: Course Outline 

Subject Modules

•          BSA Forms, Suspicious Activity Reporting
•          Red Flags
•          Agent Supervision
•          BSA Knowledge and Concepts
•          Issues in BSA/AML Training
•          MSB Banking Relationships
•          MSB Examinations
•          Computer-Aided Compliance
•          The International Compliance Environment
•          BSA Case Studies, Judgment Calls
•          BSA Values Discussions
•          OFAC
•          Other Applicable Laws
•          Interactions With Government
•          What a Prosecutor is Looking For
•          Corporate/Personal Liability
•          State Licensing and Regulation of MSBs
•          The Money Transmitter Business
•          Related Financial and Payments Businesses
•          US Business Terms and Procedures
•          US Civics
•          Researching the BSA and Other Areas of Law
•          Writing Exercises

BSA/AML Core Curriculum

  • History and Overview of AML
  • Basic BSA/AML Training
  • KYC and Customer Profiles
  • CDD and EDD Controls, Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Assessments
  • BSA/AML Laws and Regs in Detail
  • Laws Defining MSB Activities
  • Know-Your-Correspondent and EDD on Foreign Agents

You Will Receive These Original Study Materials:

  • Model Risk Assessment
  • Model Policies
  • Model Customer Risk Assessment
  • Intake Forms
  • Interactions With Government
  • The NMTA Basic AML Training 
* Additional Learners from the same company may share the sessions at no additional charge.